Subcommittee Meetings

Archivist & Records TBD
Arts & Graphics 10808 SE Highway 212 Clackamas, OR 6:00pm 3rd Wed of Month
Decorations 6330 SW Capital Hwy 4:00PM 3rd Sunday of Month
Entertainment Cartlab: 1831 SW River Dr 97201 7:00PM 3rd Sun of Month
Executive Miracles Central: 1306 NE 2nd Ave 6:30-8:30PM 1st/3rd Tues of Month
Fundraising TBD
Hospitality Sunshine Pizza/St. Helens 6:00PM 3rd Friday of Month
Information 118 NW 3rd Ave 5:30PM 1st Wed of Month
Marathon Miracles Central: 1306 NE 2nd Ave 6:30PM 4th Tues of Month
Merchandise 2229 SE 181st 6:00PM 2nd/4th Monday
Programming 5724 NE Prescott 6:00PM 1st/3rd Thurs of Month
Registration 12330 SE Sunnyside 5:00 PM 2nd Thursday
Serenity Keepers Estates basement 6:00pm 1st Friday of Month
Operations TBD