Chair Person
Vice Chair
Operations Chair
Registration Chair
Fundraising Chair
Programming Chiar
Arts & Graphics Chair
Decorations Chair
Entertainment Chair
Hospitality Chair
Information Chair
Marathon Meeting Chair
Merchandise Chair
Serenity Keepers Chair

Subcommittee Meeting Time & Locations

Entertainment (Chris) Thursday (last) 8:00pm 1306 NE 2nd Ave (Miracles Central)
Fundraising (Chet C.) Monday  7:30pm 8 NW 8th (Fish Bowl)
Hospitality (Billi) Tuesday (3rd) 6:00pm Basement of The Estates 
Information (Amber F.) Sunday (1st) 10:30am Mocha express (82nd between Division and Stark)
Marathon Meetings (John) Wednesday 6:00pm Basement of The Estates 
Merchandise (Maya) Sunday (3rd) 11:00am 12330 SE Sunnyside Rd (Clackamas)
Programming (Kelly A.) Sunday (1st & 3rd) 4:00pm 1306 NE 2nd Ave (Miracles Central)
Registration (Janne) Tuesday (Last) 6:30pm 10301 SE Stark (Mall 205 Village Inn)
Serenity Keepers (Jackie J.) Thursday (2nd) 5:30pm 1306 NE 2nd Ave (Miracles Central)
Decorations (Sara) Wednesday (Last) 7:00pm  12101 SE 82nd Ave, Happy Valley 97086